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Best Hikes in British Columbia

75 KM

This very popular path on Vancouver Island is for seasoned hikers and takes about weekly to perform. It’s a coastal trail with incredible views for the Island’s backwoods.

*A note that this hike is just open seasonally.

ID: 6081637

6 KM together

These number of trails, within Lighthouse Park near Vancouver, is fantastic for those in search of a pleasant walk with gorgeous rainforest and seaside views. Don’t skip the lighthouse (well, you can’t really)!

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17 KM

This day hike is perfect for intermediate-to-advanced hikers. The trail is steep, but you'll be compensated with pretty views from Bowen Island.

ID: 6081738

11 KM

Stawamus Chief Hike is every single day hike near Squamish, BC. It’s a reasonably intense climb up the mountain, but you will find three different peaks you can travel to therefore the views of Howe Sound are worth it.

ID: 6081845

23 kilometer

A favorite trail for tourists and Brit Columbians alike, Berg Lake Trail is a lovely backcountry path. The total trail is a good selection for higher level hikers, while you will find less intense and lengthy tracks along the exact same route for novices.

ID: 6081894

5.4 KM

In Northern BC, Butze Rapids Trail could be the perfect little adventure if you’re trying to find a simpler walk/hike. The trail goes through splendid forests and you’ll have a good view regarding the rapids.

ID: 6081941

3 KM

Ancient Forest Trail, in addition in Northern BC, is actually a lot more of a stroll than a hike, however you won’t wish miss out on witnessing the amazing old cedars along this route.

ID: 6081994

7.5 KM

There are many trails on Burnaby Mountain that will provide both newbie and intermediate hikers great options. All the tracks meander through the lush woodland, and you'll start to see the totem poles if you make it towards the top.

ID: 6082166

30 KM

Panorama Ridge is a sophisticated hike that is most readily useful carried out in two days. You will find locations to camp at Garibaldi Lake and Taylor Meadows. About this hike, you'll be treated to meadows of wildflowers and dazzling views of Helm Lake.

ID: 6082204

29 KM

Ebony Tusk is an advanced hike within the Whistler region of BC. As with the Panorama Ridge Hike, Ebony Tusk Hike is the best completed in two days and camping is present at Garibaldi Lake and Taylor Meadows. This hike has rather an elevation gain, but when you complete it, you will find a beautiful view of both Black Tusk and Garibaldi Lake.

ID: 6082238

5 KM

Puppy hill Trail is a great hike for newbies interested in a well-paced walk-through the forest with a great view of Vancouver by the end.

ID: 6082279

This intermediate hike takes you through woodland and meadows before you achieve the top of St. Mark’s Summit. Stunning views of this surrounding hills and Howe Sound tend to be available towards the top.

ID: 6082330

9.8 KM

The steep path of Crown hill Hike causes it to be best suited to higher level hikers. Hikers should use caution because they descend the high slope towards Crown Pass — it's a bit tricky. But people who persevere should be compensated with breathtaking views of surrounding hills and even the city of Vancouver (see preceding!).

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